Ale-8-One Bottling Co. (aka “A Late One”), maker of the hand-crafted, ginger-based soft drink unique to Kentucky, announced today that the company is expanding its direct service delivery (DSD) territory in Kentucky to include the triangle from Elizabethtown to Bowling Green to Owensboro. This expansion nearly doubles Ale-8’s DSD footprint, and will result in the Company adding more trucks to its fleet and employing additional salespeople and merchandisers to its team, which currently includes over 100 employees. (SEE MAP)

“Consumers will see greater availability and a wider variety of packaging options in glass bottles, cans and plastic for both Regular and Diet Ale-8. Convenience stores, restaurants and bars will now have the opportunity to carry Ale-8 on their fountains,” said Steve Bale, Sales Manager for Ale-8-One.

This announcement comes just weeks after Ale-8 gained entrance onto the national stage through 630 Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores across 42 states. Ale-8 is currently sold throughout Kentucky, and parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and West Virginia, through other beverage distributors. “This venture allows Ale-8 to take our own trucks and a full line of products,” Bale continued. “We know that no one else will put as much emphasis on service as we will.”

Retailers including Kroger, Wal-Mart, Dollar General, 5-Star, Meijer and Speedway, have been seeing impressive growth of the ginger and citrus beverage in Central Kentucky and are expanding Ale-8 availability in their stores. That success has created an economic opportunity for the local bottler to add delivery trucks and merchandising in the expanded territory.

Kroger Public Affairs Manager Tim McGurk said, “Ale-8 has a loyal customer following and the Kroger team appreciates this major investment into their product distribution system. Bardstown, Elizabethtown, Owensboro and Bowling Green are all growing markets for Kroger and this increased product availability will be appreciated by our customers.”

Consumer trends are favorable for this regional favorite as demand for both local products and craft sodas surges. “After 113 years, we are doubling our DSD territory because the timing in the market is right, and we are in a position to take advantage,” said Ellen McGeeney, President & COO. “Ale-8 is not only known for our quality products, but we take pride in our reputation for excellent service to our retail customers.”

Preparations for expansion have been in place since September of 2013, when fourth generation owner, Fielding Rogers reached beyond the family for the first time in company history and hired Ellen McGeeney. As this generation’s steward of

the family legacy, Rogers whose background is in finance, saw growth as the path that ensured continued independence for Kentucky’s only soft drink.

Rogers says his motivation and passion for Ale-8 comes from the people: “Our dedicated employees, supportive community and loyal fans are why the company has lasted over 100 years. They have invested meaning in the Ale-8 brand through their memories. Ale-8 really belongs to them.”

Consumers should find Ale-8-One in a variety of packages throughout the expanded territory beginning immediately. Local retailers may contact Steve Bale at 859- 744-3484 to inquire about service.


About Ale-8-One Ale-8-One soft drink has been bottled in Winchester, KY since 1926 and is the only soft drink invented in Kentucky still in existence. It is a ginger and citrus blend, containing less carbo-nation, and fewer calories than conventional sodas. The company’s founder and inventor G.L. Wainscott was an unconventional man with innovative ideas. After bottling soda and flavored drinks in Winchester, KY for many years, G.L. Wainscott developed the Ale-8-One formula with its unique ginger taste. The product was launched July 13, 1926, and Wainscott sponsored one of the first product naming contests at the Clark County (Kentucky) Fair. “A Late One,” the winning entry, was 1920s slang for the latest thing in soft drinks. To this day, the company continues to be locally owned and family operated by G.L. Wainscott’s great-great-nephew, Fielding Rogers. He still mixes up the closely guarded, family secret, Ale-8 recipe in a locked blending room where Wainscott’s hand-written recipe notes hang on the wall.

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